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虫垂炎との戦いが終わった War is over against appendicitis

War is over against appendicitis

柔道好きの小学生の子供が虫垂炎入院から退院した。Elementary school Judo kid came back from hospitalization due to appendicitis.

7日前、38度の熱と頭痛で医者に行くも、インフルエンザ検査は陰性。2日程自宅静養。7 days ago, went down to doctor because of 38 centigrade fever and head aches but was diagnosed as influenza negative.

3日目の朝、平熱に戻り登校。ところが、一時間目に38度の発熱と腹痛で保健室から連絡。近所の医院で診察。白血球が平常レベルであることから医師は炎症なしと判断、代わりに腸内ガスを疑い浣腸処置。しかし腹痛は激痛に変わり、医師は総合病院へ救急搬送指示。3rd day morning, went up to school since temperature has gone down to normal. However during the 1st class of the day, got a call from school infirmary, reporting 38 centigrade fever as well as stomach ache. Near-by doctor prescribed enema due to normal level of white blood cell count however, stomach ache soon turned into severe pain, then doctor directed urgent transfer to general hospital.

エコー、X線、造影剤CTで、虫垂炎と診断It was diagnosed as appendicitis after echographic exam, X-ray as well as contrast enhanced CT.

初期段階のため、手術でなく抗生剤療法が選択可能で、直ちに入院。初日夜40度の発熱はあったが、回診の度に右下腹部の触診による痛みは徐々に減少し、5日で消滅。6日目に退院。Due to very early stage in development, we could choose antibiotics treatment instead of surgery then was hospitalized immediately.  Peaked by first night fever of 40 centigrade, the pain at right lower bottom abdomen gradually faded every time doctor came on periodical examination tour and the pain disappeared by day 5.  We left hospital in day 6.

以下感じたこと。Below, what I felt.

The choice of treatment: Even if you avoid surgery by way of antibiotics treatment, in the probability of 30%, that is 4 times high as normal, recurrence is observed. We chose antibiotics treatment to avoid operation as well as surgery scar. However recent operation looks advanced than before, hence considering the risk of recurrence, I am asking myself if my decision was right.  Since kid's appendicitis get worse much faster than adults, many people plans surgery later(insurance covered when doctor agrees).

The precision of diagnostics: There is time lag between white blood cell count as the inflammation indicator, and the start of severe pain, hence it cannot be used for diagnostics of appendicitis in very early stage. Meanwhile, echographic exam as well as contrast enhanced CT are too expensive for local clinic. Cost reduction of those medical equipments is necessary to increase precision of initial diagnostics.

For cost: Thanks to additional insurance provided for infant, there was no payment.  Approximate cost incurred will be around JPY250K since we had no operation. Really felt that insurance is necessary although monthly fee is expensive.

My emotion: I recalled time when kids were baby and had fever or time when I called ambulance. Such an indispensable thing, health, that we take it for granted normally. I was also surprised that surgery is set as default treatment since neither me nor family had ever went through operation at all.

もし、運悪く子供が虫垂炎になったら参考にしてください。  Just for those who have kid happen to have appendicitis unfortunately.